In 1991, 11% of workers said they expect to continue working after age 65.  That number is now up to 37%.

Sure a lot of folks will work after age 65 because they need the money to maintain their style of life – but even those that don’t need the cash may work because of the “non-financial” benefits.  In addition to a source of income, doesn’t work potentially offer us other benefits?

It has been noted that some form of work (Full or Part Time) brings us 4 benefits –  all starting with the letter S – that cannot be obtained from a life of only leisure:

Status. Structure. Social Life. Self-Esteem

And now, there is research that suggests retiring too soon can even affect our memory!

A recent NY Times article cites a paper called “Mental Retirement” where data from the United States, England and 11 other European countries suggest that the earlier people retire, the more quickly their memories decline!  It’s the use it or lose it notion.  While not everyone is convinced by this new analysis, many researchers do believe this study is the first bit of evidence for a hypothesis that is widely believed… but difficult to demonstrate.

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