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Mid-April 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing   Here comes the Boom!:  Demographics  Demographics and population data are carefully tracked by the Census Bureau in order to better determine what the United States may look like in the future. Over 73 million minors, under 18 years of age, currently out number 49 million older [...]

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Mid-March 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing   Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix Carry S&P 500 According to a recent wall street journal report, (dated 2/22/18), Amazon has accounted for 27% of the S&P 500 gains this year, followed by Microsoft and Netflix. Based on Dow Jones data Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix accounted for 27%, [...]

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How To Think About Your Social Security

As more Americans enter retirement or semi-retirement without a lifelong income stream from a corporate pension, it can’t hurt to think about how you can maximize your social security – or at least not ruin your benefit! According to Right Capital financial planning software, there are at least 567 possible claiming strategies for a married [...]

Mid-February 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing   Zero – Fee ETFs (or negative) are on the horizon says Wall Street Journal Do zero fee exchange traded funds appear on the horizon in the US? The Wall Street Journal thinks so, as reported on 2/7/18. Between the low overhead costs possible through economies of [...]

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Avoid These 5 common Medicare Mistakes

Are you signed up for Medicare? Medicare will help you cover certain healthcare costs, but you must pay for the privilege. Many people roll their eyes when they even think about dealing with healthcare and it can be very complicated to navigate Medicare or any insurance program or policies. Luckily, we are here to help. [...]

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Mid-January 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing New Rules Benefit 529 College Savings Plans As An Estate Tool - Estate Planning The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes a provision to now allow 529 Plans to be used for private elementary and high school expenses, rather than just college related expenses. The new rules [...]

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Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Is It Destined to Join History’s Largest Bubbles?

Is the gigantic Bitcoin bubble about to become one of the biggest busts in history? The digital currency has had an incredible year. At last count, Bitcoin was up over 1,400%--but according to people like Warren Buffett, the digital currency's meteoric rise has all the trademark hallmarks that come with a huge speculative bubble. While [...]

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Mid-December Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing Equity Update – Domestic Stock Markets The Dow pierced through 24,000 towards the end of November as optimism about tax reform passage intensified. A primary emphasis to reduce both corporate tax rates and small business rates accelerated equity prices higher as optimism grew with the realization of [...]

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What Are the Rules When It Comes to Collecting Social Security While Working?

Are you considering working while you are collecting Social Security as part of your retirement? Even if you're thinking about occasionally working part-time, when it comes to working and earning Social Security, you've got to be careful. Why? Because, if you begin earning too much money at work, you could get a reduced income courtesy [...]

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Caveat Emptor. New risks for 401k Plan sponsors

When it comes to your 401k plan, do you know what to do?  With the Affordable Care Act regulations getting all the attention, you may not have heard that 401k plan sponsors are now facing significantly increased risks.  Developments have come up from regulators and participant litigation that now require employers offering 401k plans to [...]

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