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What Are the Rules When It Comes to Collecting Social Security While Working?

Are you considering working while you are collecting Social Security as part of your retirement? Even if you're thinking about occasionally working part-time, when it comes to working and earning Social Security, you've got to be careful. Why? Because, if you begin earning too much money at work, you could get a reduced income courtesy [...]

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Caveat Emptor. New risks for 401k Plan sponsors

When it comes to your 401k plan, do you know what to do?  With the Affordable Care Act regulations getting all the attention, you may not have heard that 401k plan sponsors are now facing significantly increased risks.  Developments have come up from regulators and participant litigation that now require employers offering 401k plans to [...]

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Update On The Fiduciary Standard

The fiduciary standard, which has been debated for years - and already subject to numerous delays - requires broker dealers that handle retirement plans, 401ks and IRAs to put the best interests of their customers ahead of their own.  The first piece of this new standard went into effect on June 9th and is going to stick. But the [...]

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Jordan Speith, Dustin Johnson And State Taxes

The official and unofficial golf season kicked off Thursday with the Masters. The PGA and all other tours convene for four special days in Augusta, Georgia. But did you know that most of the PGA Tour stars tend to make their full-time homes in Florida, Texas, and Nevada? And it is not just because they like fresh squeezed [...]

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Tax Changes for 2017

Each year a group called "Brokers Service Marketing" sends me a very handy two page summary of tax changes.  Some of the notable, albeit small changes in 2017 include: Tax brackets, as usual, have been adjusted for inflation Federal estate tax exemption increased by 40k to $5.49 million per spouses. (Although Trump has said he [...]

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Your 401k Plan’s Emotional Bank Account

Stephen Covey was an American author, educator, businessman and public speaker who passed away in 2012. His most favorite book, the seven habits of highly effective people, sold 25 million copies worldwide. In the book, he creates a powerful metaphor called the "emotional bank account." We all know how our regular bank account works; when [...]

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39 Percent Of 401k Participants Don’t Save Enough To Get Full Match

While there is more than enough 401k advice out there, the most important factors for successful participant outcomes remain: 1) Defer enough (recommended amount nationally is 10%) 2) Invest in the right allocation (mostly equity when you are younger) 3) Keep fees reasonable (No more than 1% year) 1 and 2 are the most important, yet research indicates participants still don't [...]

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My Investor Who Was Concerned About The Election

The e-mail came in Friday before the election. My investor was very concerned and wanted to liquidate most of his equities and "sit on the sidelines for a few weeks."  And when the "dust settles" reinvest accordingly.  I'm assuming this investor had a hunch Trump would win, and thought that it would cause his portfolio to [...]

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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump And Your 401k

With less than a week to go before the election, many 401k plan sponsors may wonder how the outcome may affect their plan. I have seen all kinds of opinions on this, such as the "Presidential Election Cycle Theory" which holds that, regardless of who wins, the equity markets are weakest in the year following [...]

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