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Pro- Finder Contest Story

My business is providing objective and transparent financial and administrative advice to small/ mid-size companies that sponsor 401k plans for their employees.  This venture has been very rewarding as I  impact people's lives in a positive way. As we move from an era of financial dependence on corporate benefits and government entitlements in retirement to a time of [...]

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Alphabet Soup And The Insanity Of 401k Share Classes

In the 401k world a practice that was known as "revenue sharing" has come under scrutiny.  The concept:  A mutual fund or insurance company offers multiple share classes, often associated with a letter.  The various share classes own the same securities; the only difference in these share classes is the cost.  The lowest cost share [...]

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Cruising On Autopilot Checking The Engine

In our last post here, I pointed out the importance of featuring managed portfolios, usually target date funds, in 401k line-ups as research has shown that the majority of participants lack the time and interest to select and monitor their portfolios.  Cruising on autopilot, in other words. That said, when one cruises on autopilot, they [...]

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80 Percent Of 401k Participants Just Don’t Care

Numerous studies reveal at least 80 Percent of 401k or 403b plan participants just don't care about the nuances of investing and portfolio management.  They have expressed that they don't have the time and/or interest to create and monitor their own 401k portfolios - they just want to know they are doing the right things [...]

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USA TODAY “Market Tumult Charts New Waters” Just Kidding

This was the title of a USA today cover story published on Friday February 12th - without the (Just kidding).  The article is absurd and an insult to its readers.  But more important, this type of "fear mongering" with pictures of sharks circling a dollar sign is hurtful to investors that take this as advice [...]

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Interview With Asset T.V. 401K Fee Disclosure Retirement Plans

On February 9th (sitting in Jack  Welch's old office on Lexington Ave.)  I was interviewed  by  Courtney Woolworth of Asset TV to discuss Fiduciary responsibility of 401k plan sponsors, retirement plan advisers, 401k participant education and advice and much more. For the full interview please see below.

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