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What Everyone Ought to Know About the Differences Between a Broker, a Dually Registered “Hybrid” and a Full Fiduciary RIA

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How To Think About Your Social Security

As more Americans enter retirement or semi-retirement without a lifelong income stream from a corporate pension, it can’t hurt to think about how you can maximize your social security – or at least not ruin your benefit! According to Right Capital financial planning software, there are at least 567 possible claiming strategies for a married [...]

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Is It Destined to Join History’s Largest Bubbles?

Is the gigantic Bitcoin bubble about to become one of the biggest busts in history? The digital currency has had an incredible year. At last count, Bitcoin was up over 1,400%--but according to people like Warren Buffett, the digital currency's meteoric rise has all the trademark hallmarks that come with a huge speculative bubble. While [...]

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Financial Advising During a Divorce

The following is a guest post from Jordan Herring who works with the New York based Colwell Law Group. Enter: Jordan Are you considering getting a divorce in New York? If so, one of the most important things that you will need to think about is your finances. Not only are financial issues one of [...]

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