Mid-June Update

Deciding When To Take Social Security:  Retirement Planning Deciding when to take Social Security benefits is one of the most important decisions one will make for retirement. You may either base the decision strictly on monetary benefits, or your decision may be more personally based. The important question is when to start taking benefits, at [...]

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Mid-May Update

Unemployment At 50 Year Low:  Economy The labor market is as strong as it’s been in 50 years. The US economy added 263,000 jobs in April which marked the 103rd straight month of gains. Unemployment fell to 3.6%. The last time unemployment was that low, 350,000 rock and roll fans were attending a festival called [...]

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Three Secrets About Commission-Free Annuities

Annuities tend to have a bad reputation; too expensive, too opaque, too cumbersome. For the better part of my 31 years advising clients that are approaching retirement or who are recently retired (or semi-retired), I have typically advised against annuities, sharing the concerns of the general public.  But recent inquiries from very smart people, followed [...]

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Mid-December Update

Reduce Your Tax Burden Before Year-End:  Tax Planning            The new tax law has added a wrinkle to year-end tax related planning; A higher standard deduction ($18,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples). For those 65 and older the standard deduction rises to $13,600 for singles and $26,600 for married couples. [...]

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Mid-September 2018 Update

Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update Corporate Profits Hit New Record:  Economy Revised estimates released on 8/29 revealed that the U.S. economy grew at 4.2% (Annual rate) in Q2 of this year, slightly better than the initial estimate of 4.1%.  Included in this release were estimates of corporate profits; On [...]

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Mid-August 2018 Update

Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update NYSE FANG+ Index  Hits Correction: Retirement Investing On July 10th, Michael Sheetz from @Thesheettztweetz published the following chart in a CNBC article illustrating how just three companies, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft were responsible for 71% of the S&P 500 returns and 78% of the [...]

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Mid-May 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update     The thrill is gone: Bitcoin fizzles Source: WorldCoinIndex Bitcoin has dropped dramatically from its highs falling from nearly $20,000 to less than $7,000 in just a few months. Further trouble may lie ahead as Bitcoin has evolved into a [...]

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Mid-March 2018 Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update   Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix Carry S&P 500 According to a recent wall street journal report, (dated 2/22/18), Amazon has accounted for 27% of the S&P 500 gains this year, followed by Microsoft and Netflix. Based on Dow Jones data Amazon, Microsoft and [...]

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How To Think About Your Social Security

As more Americans enter retirement or semi-retirement without a lifelong income stream from a corporate pension, it can’t hurt to think about how you can maximize your social security – or at least not ruin your benefit! According to Right Capital financial planning software, there are at least 567 possible claiming strategies for a married [...]