Mid-December Update

  Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update Equity Update – Domestic Stock Markets The Dow pierced through 24,000 towards the end of November as optimism about tax reform passage intensified. A primary emphasis to reduce both corporate tax rates and small business rates accelerated equity prices higher as optimism grew [...]

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Quick Guide: SPIVA U.S. Scorecard

When it comes to investing for retirement, the critical decision is your asset allocation - that is your mix of equities, fixed income and cash. While establishing the appropriate distribution of asset classes carries the most weight in your portfolio construction process, the decision still needs to be made concerning implementation: Do you go with managed accounts? Mutual [...]

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Financial Advising During a Divorce

The following is a guest post from Jordan Herring who works with the New York based Colwell Law Group. Enter: Jordan Are you considering getting a divorce in New York? If so, one of the most important things that you will need to think about is your finances. Not only are financial issues one of [...]

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Trends you need to know about retirement income investing

When an American retired in the 50’s or 60’s they often did so with a full pension, social security and a life expectancy of 9 or 12 years. The future retiree should expect less income from corporate pensions and government entitlements and perhaps 20, 25 years or more of active and/or assisted retirement years. Advancements [...]

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