3 Ways Your Taxes Will Change in 2020

Incredibly, the 2019 tax year - and the entire decade - is coming to an end. A lot of key dollar figures, from standard deductions to retirement distribution limits, change each year due to inflation. Also, some aspects of the federal tax reform law of 2017 didn't take effect until this year. If you want [...]

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Mid-March Update

The Obama-Trump Boom Continues:  Economy The National Bureau of Economic Research  has recorded 35 expansions since 1984 ranging in duration from 10 months to 120. The Obama-Trump expansion is now 116 months old, closing in on the all-time record of 120 months, which is held by the Clinton boom of 1992-2001. Unemployment, at 4.1%, has [...]

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Mid-December Update

Reduce Your Tax Burden Before Year-End:  Tax Planning            The new tax law has added a wrinkle to year-end tax related planning; A higher standard deduction ($18,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples). For those 65 and older the standard deduction rises to $13,600 for singles and $26,600 for married couples. [...]

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Mid-August 2018 Update

Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update NYSE FANG+ Index  Hits Correction: Retirement Investing On July 10th, Michael Sheetz from @Thesheettztweetz published the following chart in a CNBC article illustrating how just three companies, Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft were responsible for 71% of the S&P 500 returns and 78% of the [...]

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Quick Guide: The New Tax Law

  Every year, a group named Brokers Service Marketing sends me a very handy chart that summarizes tax changes. With Donald Trump recently signing the tax reform bill into law - representing the most significant tax changes in the United States in more than 30 years - the chart is more useful than ever this year [...]

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