Debunking Sell in May and Go Away

Working in and around Wall Street for over 30 years, I have been exposed to many systems and strategies about investing.  Although usually not explicitly stated, these strategies are “predictions” about what will occur in the markets in the short-medium term.  Often there is historical data cited to support the particular system or thesis.  I [...]

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Mid-January Update

Prepare for the Bear:  Retirement Investing After the worst ever performance on Christmas Eve last year, the markets staged a "post-Christmas rally" as the DOW added over 1,080 points (4.9%) its biggest one day point gain ever.  The S&P 500 also rose 4.9% on that day.  That unlikely rebound offered a much-needed reprieve from an otherwise [...]

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Is the Emperor Dressed? Hedge Funds Continue to Struggle

Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update In the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson, “The Emperors’ New Clothes”, a vain emperor always wants the newest fashions. A few hucksters come along and convince him the clothes they sell are of such high quality only people who are “elevated” can [...]

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Mid-October Update

Download in PDF Format for Easy Printing of the Entire Update Caveat Emptor, Growth Stocks:  Investing "When there is a gap between perception and reality it is only a matter of time until it is reconciled...in favor of reality" - Jack Bogle Equities are generally divided into two categories:  Growth and Value. Growth Companies are [...]

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Update On The Fiduciary Standard

The fiduciary standard, which has been debated for years - and already subject to numerous delays - requires broker dealers that handle retirement plans, 401ks and IRAs to put the best interests of their customers ahead of their own.  The first piece of this new standard went into effect on June 9th and is going to stick. But the [...]

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Jordan Speith, Dustin Johnson And State Taxes

The official and unofficial golf season kicked off Thursday with the Masters. The PGA and all other tours convene for four special days in Augusta, Georgia. But did you know that most of the PGA Tour stars tend to make their full-time homes in Florida, Texas, and Nevada? And it is not just because they like fresh squeezed [...]

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Tax Changes for 2017

Each year a group called "Brokers Service Marketing" sends me a very handy two page summary of tax changes.  Some of the notable, albeit small changes in 2017 include: Tax brackets, as usual, have been adjusted for inflation Federal estate tax exemption increased by 40k to $5.49 million per spouses. (Although Trump has said he [...]

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