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Objective, Robust, & Transparent

What’s your vision for the next phase of your life? Whatever it is, a financial plan will help you realize it.

We address everything that’s on your mind about money. Whether you’re wondering about retirement, Social Security, Medicare, your estate plan, long-term care, or retirement income, we can craft a plan that works especially for you. And don’t worry, vacations can be included in your financial plan, too!


We are fee-only financial planners, so we don’t depend on sales commissions from our vendors. This makes our advice unbiased. Because we depend only on you, rest assured that we act only with your best interests in mind.

All elements of the financial plan work together synergistically. Financial planning requires  a complete review of your financial situation, including your assets, cash flow, investments, insurance, and estate planning in relation to your personal objectives. Once we understand where you are, what you want, and what you envision, we recommend how to best structure your finances to fund your plan. We provide investment advice, and if it makes sense to you, we will also manage your portfolio. We address everything that’s on your mind about money.

Cash Flow Planning: How much money is coming in each month and how much is going out?  How will that change when you retire? Calculating cash flow is basic to retirement planning.

Investment Planning: Every new stage of life presents unique opportunities and challenges. We work with you to develop a personal investment plan that not only fits your current situation, but  grows and adjusts with your changing needs and circumstances.

Insurance Planning: What would happen to your financial security if you became unable to work?  What if you or your spouse were to pass away? Insurance planning mitigates the consequences of catastrophic events.

Tax Planning: Tax planning analyzes financial situations from a tax perspective. Reducing tax liability is crucial for financial success.

Retirement Planning: How much should you be saving to ensure a secure future?  Retirement planning looks at how much you should save and invest to ensure retirement readiness. Maximizing contributions to retirement plans helps ensure a viable retirement. Your financial plan takes a realistic look at your retirement income needs. Because a longer, more active retirement life demands more financial resources, your money has to “live longer” too, and so this is another area where our expertise is beneficial.

Estate Planning: Estate planning does not have to be expensive or complicated, but it does need to be addressed. If you own any financial assets — real estate, stock, vehicles, jewelry, even family heirlooms — you have an estate. An estate plan should be in place when the inevitable occurs so that your property is transferred according to your wishes, not those of governments or even family members who may have different ideas.


Our planning process keeps your financial life robust by taking into account all its aspects.

How does that work?

Let’s get to know one another and see if it makes sense to continue to Step 2, Discovery Stage.

Schedule Yours Today

We discuss the next phase of your life person-to-person with you and your relevant family members and ask:

What do you want to do?

How long do you want to work, and in what industry or business?

What else do you want to do with your precious time?

How do you want to be remembered?

We will also:

Discuss your family, your health, and the institutions you care about.

Review your investments, 401ks, IRAs, real estate, bank accounts, wills, trusts, and estate plans.

Help set your goals for retirement age and spending, healthcare and custodial care costs, as well as your bucket list (trip around the world, beach home, climbing Everest).

All information gathered in the discovery stage is incorporated into Step 3, Initial Recommendation.

At this step, we present our findings and recommendations in a detailed financial plan accompanied by a one-page summary of action steps.

Initial recommendations typically include a probability analysis, which includes calculating the level of confidence we see that you can have for achieving your goals. We will advise you on insurance, tax, estate, and end-of-life planning as well as Medicare and Social Security optimization. We may recommend adjustments to your portfolio.

Only after you are comfortable with our recommendations, do we move to Step 4, Implementation.

Your plan is initiated in this step, and may involve rebalancing your portfolio, transferring brokerage accounts, modifying insurance coverage, and updating documents. We may suggest that you speak with other professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, career coaches, and Social Security or Medicare specialists.

When implementation is complete, we move to Step 5, continuing Progress Sessions.

To keep everything on track, we typically hold one to four update meetings remotely or in-person, according to your convenience. In these we exchange information and updates and may recommend adjustments to your plans and portfolios.


For financial-planning-only clients, a fee of $5,000 covers all services performed during the first year.

For our investment advice clients who have accounts with a combined minimum of $500,000, the annual fee ranges from .75% to 1.25% of their assets placed under our management. The fee percentage is on a sliding scale based on their assets under management (AUM). This fee is deducted directly from their managed account(s) each quarter and includes financial planning updates.