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How We Became Partners

Late one afternoon in the autumn of 2018, we met at a Starbucks on the south shore of Long Island to discuss retail financial services. Nainesh had been a portfolio manager and entrepreneur for many years, and Evan had been operating a fee-only advisory firm since 2009. We soon realized that we shared a common professional vision: To improve people’s lives financially.

We both view financial services — portfolio management, investments, insurance, tax and estate planning — as tools to achieve our client’s goals and meet needs that they may not be fully aware of.

Because we each had witnessed many times the positive impact that an experienced advisor can have on clients’ financial lives and their lives overall, we decided to join forces, combine our 55 years of financial expertise, and apply it to restructuring families’ financial situations for the better.

We come from different corners of the financial services world. Nainesh is a CFA with deep knowledge of portfolio management and securities selection. Evan is a CLU and ChFC with a background in planning and a broad understanding of retirement income projections, risk solutions, and insurance and estate planning.

We saw that with our complementary skill sets and shared vision we could go further together than we could individually, so we formed a partnership.